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'We're not afraid to be the best'

Cercis Canadensis Blood Shot

'All dogwoods are not created equal. Some, like those at Commercial Nursery, are created better!'

Cornus Kousa Lipka Weeping

About Us

Quality & Service Continue to be our Number One Goals

We put 50 years of experience to work creating the best dogwoods you can buy. That is why you can't beat our dogwoods for:

We Teach Old Dogwoods New Tricks

None of our dogwoods can sit or roll over, but we did coax them into a pria or great tricks - producing two totally new, very colorful dogwood varieties: Cherokee Sunset and Cherokee Daybreak.

Both boast an improved variegated leaf. It is particularly noted for its purplish-red blooms, distinct pinkish-red tipped new growth and colorful foliage. The tree is medium-sized, upright and spreading, with bright green and yellow summer foliage. Fall foliage ranges in color from pink through red to purple.

Cherokee Sunset is more vigorous than other variegated leaved varieties as observed in the nursery under similar growing conditions. This vigorous growth and its greater resistance to anthracnose disease makes this cultivar distinctly different from other green-yellow dogwood cultivars. Antoher distinction is its red blooms. No other know variegated dogwood blooms red.

Like Cherokee Sunset, Cherokee Daybreak is an improved variegated leaved variety with particularly colorful foliage. Its distinct green leaves are margined in creamy-white, which holds until cooler weather with no scorching. In fall leaves turn pink to deep red. Growth habit is vigorous and upright.

When compared at Commercial Nursey under similar conditions, Cherokee Daybreak is stronger growing and more resistant to anthracnose disease than other variegated dogwoods.

Why Buy Your Dogwoods from Commercial Nursery?

Commercial Nursery is one of the most experienced dogwood producers in the United States. We have been growing dogwoods for over 50 years. Our staff, which includes dogwood propagators with 30 years experience, know how to grow, dig, pack and ship plants to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Set in the Tennessee foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, our climate is ideal, and our soil encourages a fibrous root system. In addition, Commercial Nursery maintains the most modern equipment and facilities including irrigation.

Most of all, our customers' profitability, at all levels, is important to us. All types of communities are coming together to try to find out how to create systems which are both environmentally sustainable and equitable. In the majority of cases, a Historical Society can't offer monetary appraisals, but they are able to offer insight into why an item has historic price. The community or library can have a wide variety of documents and records that may help you to research your ancestors.

Dogwood Bareroot Liners

Cryptomeria Japonica Yoshino

For potting on or lining out

Our experience in growing bareroot Dogwoods over the years enables us to offer you the very best quality in bareroot liners at very competitive prices.

Most of our liners are staked or gro-straightened for straightness of stem. Our grading teams are taught only to send the very best. All dogwoods are dipped in fungicides before shipment.

We like to dig to order and ship out only fresh run material. For more information please call us on (931) 967-5525.

Please order in multiples of 10

We have developed a 2 year transplanted program for container growers. This will enable us to offer a much heavier, near finished product than the 1 year product.

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